Java or Groovy or Swift or Golang

Gradle 5.5 で JUnit Jupiter が gradle init 時にテストフレームワークとして選べるようになっていた




gradle init \
  --type java-library \
  --test-framework junit-jupiter \
  --dsl groovy \
  --package com.example \
  --project-name example-library

次のような build.gradle ファイルが生成されます

 * This file was generated by the Gradle 'init' task.
 * This generated file contains a sample Java Library project to get you started.
 * For more details take a look at the Java Libraries chapter in the Gradle
 * User Manual available at https://docs.gradle.org/5.5/userguide/java_library_plugin.html

plugins {
    // Apply the java-library plugin to add support for Java Library
    id 'java-library'

repositories {
    // Use jcenter for resolving dependencies.
    // You can declare any Maven/Ivy/file repository here.

dependencies {
    // This dependency is exported to consumers, that is to say found on their compile classpath.
    api 'org.apache.commons:commons-math3:3.6.1'

    // This dependency is used internally, and not exposed to consumers on their own compile classpath.
    implementation 'com.google.guava:guava:27.1-jre'

    // Use JUnit Jupiter API for testing.
    testImplementation 'org.junit.jupiter:junit-jupiter-api:5.4.2'

    // Use JUnit Jupiter Engine for testing.
    testRuntimeOnly 'org.junit.jupiter:junit-jupiter-engine:5.4.2'

test {
    // Use junit platform for unit tests